Social basics

Welcome to the social basics part of the programme. Over the next 5 weeks, you will learn how to set up and polish your profile, share updates and engage effectively on two social channels, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Mid-term review

Author: Puni Rajah

As preparation for the bootcamp, this module will focus on assessing your progress and determining if you are ready for the workshop and storytelling part of the programme.

Pace and tempo

Author: Puni Rajah

Social engagements are more effective when there is a good balance between listening and speaking. In this module, we look at the best ways to filter so you can tune in to important signals and be part of the more influential conversations.

Twitter essentials

Author: Puni Rajah

Even if most of your customers are not (yet) on Twitter, it is a valuable training environment. In this module, we will look at setting up your account and its elements, how to find experts on your subject, sharing updates, hashtags and how to join discussions.

LinkedIn essentials

Author: Puni Rajah

In this module, we will look at updating elements of your profile, how to manage settings and cultivate desired connections and sharing updates.


Author: Puni Rajah

This session is designed to encourage deeper self-discovery – your priorities, how you will personally measure success and your current standing on social platforms.