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Using Twitter for competitive intelligence

Twitter by Jurgen Appelo

We’ve discussed using social media to engage with your customers, for example through Tweetchats. But have you thought about using it to gather information as well? After all, with so many companies on Twitter nowadays, there’s much you can find out about your competition by simply sitting back and listening to other people’s tweets. Following […]

Refining your personal elevator pitch

thought leadership profile

Your professional biography is a vital part of your personal presentation. After all, it may well be the first thing that a potential customer, colleague or employer reads about you, so it’s worth taking time to get it right.  With the proliferation of social channels, there is the added adventure of describing yourself in a […]

Contributing to ongoing conversations


Leadership of any kind requires that we give more than we take. In our thought leadership coaching programmes, we encourage candidates to engage in fellow experts’ discussions through comments on articles or blog posts. Indeed, discussion and Q&A platforms such as LinkedIn groups and Quora were designed specifically to drive framed conversations. We are often asked […]

Who do you think you are?


The term ‘thought leader’ seems to have proliferated, and come to mean different things to different people. So we thought it might be helpful to do a bit of thinking about what it really means in our terms, and in particular how it applies to B2B selling. A working definition Russ Prince and Bruce Rogers […]

Enabling conversations

good to talk

When we discussed the issue of strategic alignment, we found enabling the right conversations to be a critical element. This sounds easy, but in practice it can be very difficult to achieve. For a start, how do you know which are the right conversations? And how do you make sure that people have time for them? As ‘ideas […]

The three pillars

three pillars

Successful thought leaders concentrate on what might be described as three pillars: topic, audience and engagement. It’s worth spending a bit of time on each to explore what this means, because it is so fundamental to successful thought leadership. Topic/domain Why is choosing your topic or content so important? First of all, it helps to […]