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Listening tips for thought leaders


Social listening is vital for thought leaders to stay up to date with what is going on in their field. Good social listening means that you understand the concerns of your customers and competitors. Here are a few suggestions to improve your social listening skills. It is important to be able to monitor and react […]

What makes a profile successful?


As part of your training, we encourage you to cultivate curiosity and explore what makes some profiles incredibly successful. Here are a few people who attract meaningful engagement on their social profiles. Who would you add to this list? Jack Welch  Who? Former chairman and CEO of GE, now commentator, business expert and management training […]

We all need to be storytellers


In our ancestral past, one of the most valued roles in society was the storyteller. These individuals acted as the ‘archive’ of the tribe or group, remembering events and stories, and passing them on to younger generations, to ensure learning was not lost. But once we had books, and then computers, we forgot about storytelling. […]