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Getting more out of #s


Hashtags are labels used on social media and microblogging sites, including Twitter and Instagram. They are designed to help users find posts and topics of interest. To use them, just put a hashtag (#) immediately in front of the word or unspaced phrase that you want to use, for example #BCBS239 or #iotanalytics. Think of hashtags […]

Do you have Klout?


How much Klout do you have? Back in 2012, when people first started to discuss Klout scores, they were largely seen as a way of getting freebies, or as a bit of fun. But times have changed. Klout measures influence, pure and simple. – This used to mean social media influence, which meant that for a […]

Should you be on Xing?


Xing is effectively the German version of LinkedIn. We had a look to see what it offered. A networking platform widely used in the DACH region Like LinkedIn, Xing is business-focused. It aims to make it easy to find new business contacts, and is widely used for recruitment. It is not solely a German-language site; […]