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How fit is your social media policy?

scary social media policies

Are you struggling to develop or update your social media policy? Take a look at our quick guide to ten things about a good social media policy, and get yours spruced up. Better still, assess your current practices with our handy 10-minute self-evaluation KISS or Keep It Simple, Stupid!-  Yes, you do need detail for backup, […]

The Competence Cycle of Learning

conscious competence model

Have you ever stopped to think about how you learn a new skill? Probably not. For most of us, it’s just something that we have to do from time to time. But other people have put considerable effort into thinking about how people learn, and have come up with several theories about change and learning. […]

Platform review: LinkedIn, Google+ and Quora


Delivering thought leadership programs for Henry ranks among the more interesting regular assignments in our calendar. Working with technical consultants to develop their story-telling techniques and applying research to bring their solutions alive are both gratifying. Lately, we have been getting more questions about the role social media plays in B2B technology sales. Are social […]