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Rainmaker Spotlight: NNIT’s Karsten Fogh Ho-Lanng on digital disruption


NNIT is an international IT service provider offering IT consulting and the development, implementation and outsourcing of IT services for regulated industries with annual revenue run-rate of US$300 million . NNIT employs about 2,000 employees primarily in Denmark, but also in China, Philippines, Switzerland, Czech Republic and USA. Against the background of changing enterprise IT […]

Rainmaker Spotlight: Marketing Cloud’s Jane Waight on thought leadership in branded eco-systems

Jane Waight

Technology companies continue to explore new go-to-market routes to keep pace with buyer communities that expand as fast as pressure on prices increase. Channel partners have been an important component in B2B technology sales, and we now see the emergence of channel eco-systems. To find out more about emerging dynamics, we caught up with Jane […]

Rainmaker Spotlight: DANSK IT’s Per Andersen on the profession’s accelerating evolution


DANSK IT is a professional association that offers its members a discipline-specific network for members to create personal relationships, professional coaching and personal development. This is facilitated in a confidential forum with like-minded IT professionals. We caught up with Per Andersen(PA), Managing Director, to understand how its members are dealing with changing IT consumption models. […]

Rainmaker spotlight: DataSift’s Tim Barker on helping enterprises to grow big ears on social networks


As social platforms proliferate and influence buyers from all walks of life, the need to capture, track, monitor and understand customer feedback, opinion and intent from data within social networks continues to rise. DataSift positions itself as a platform to help brands harness the power of social data. We caught up with Tim Barker, Chief […]

Rainmaker spotlight: SAS Institute’s Flemming Bagger on good governance for enterprise analytics

Flemming Bagger

As more businesses embrace big data and the promise of analytics-driven decisions, many practitioners are beginning to consider better data governance practices. We (RF) caught up with Flemming Bagger (FB) Head of Data Management at SAS Institute’s Nordic Information Management Centre of Excellence, to understand what better practices are emerging. RF: So much of the […]

Rainmaker spotlight: Becoming customer-led

Darren Thomson Symantec

Faced with dramatic shifts in technologies, behaviours and expectations, Symantec has moved from an engineering-led company to one that is customer-led. We(RF) caught up with Darren Thomson(DT), CTO & Head of Enterprise Strategy for the company in EMEA to assess the thought leadership required to execute such a transition. RF: CTOs come in many shapes. How […]

The Competence Cycle of Learning

conscious competence model

Have you ever stopped to think about how you learn a new skill? Probably not. For most of us, it’s just something that we have to do from time to time. But other people have put considerable effort into thinking about how people learn, and have come up with several theories about change and learning. […]

Platform review: LinkedIn, Google+ and Quora


Delivering thought leadership programs for Henry ranks among the more interesting regular assignments in our calendar. Working with technical consultants to develop their story-telling techniques and applying research to bring their solutions alive are both gratifying. Lately, we have been getting more questions about the role social media plays in B2B technology sales. Are social […]