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The CMO as an orchestra conductor

CMO as orchestra conductor

Orchestral conductors seldom play an instrument in the orchestra that they are conducting. There are a few rare cases—Daniel Barenboim conducting from the piano springs to mind—but by and large, they are the exception. That doesn’t mean that conductors are unable to play an instrument well. Most, if not all, conductors are very competent instrumentalists […]

B2B marketers need to up their mobile game

Storyhooks mobile marketing

Mobile is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing. B2B marketing teams have been slow to harness its potential. We urge a fresh approach. Mobile is the fastest growing digital channel – According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, mobile was the fastest growing digital channel in 2015, and this is expected to continue. Nearly two thirds of […]

The Content Marketing Institute

Where should you go for information when you want to know more about content marketing? One of the leading evangelists for content marketing, Joe Pulizzi, suggests that one of the best places is the Content Marketing Institute, an organisation that he co-founded to advance the practice of content marketing. Its website is full of useful resources […]

Rules of Engagement

rules of engagement

In the age of social media-dominated communication and general information overload, developing client engagement based on core values derived from our analogue world and applying them to a digital, 24/7 interconnected reality is more than a trend. It is indeed a challenge. No matter the means of communication, platform or channel, engaging with other people remains […]

Content marketing vs interactive advertising – two sides of the same coin?


We have been thinking about content marketing, and who should ‘own’ it, and felt it might be helpful to consider content marketing and interactive advertising side by side. Are they the same?  If not, what exactly are the differences between them, and what do they have in common? Some basic definitions and similarities The Content Marketing Institute defines […]