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Rainmaker Spotlight: Egenera’s John Humphreys on creating communities to generate value

Egenera John Humphreys

Egenera, provider of management solutions that bring together applications and workloads across platforms, has just announced that it’s received a $16m investment from Comvest Partners. We caught up with John Humphreys, VP Marketing, to discuss how this would affect its sales and marketing activities around cloud, communities and partnerships. What do you see as the […]

B2B social platforms that work

B2B social platforms

We’ve written before about choosing your platform for communication, whether it’s social media, your website, or other channels, and also about some particular channels. It’s never easy to know what platform to choose, so we thought it might be helpful to put together some facts about social media use in B2B, and what content works best on […]

Rules of Engagement

rules of engagement

In the age of social media-dominated communication and general information overload, developing client engagement based on core values derived from our analogue world and applying them to a digital, 24/7 interconnected reality is more than a trend. It is indeed a challenge. No matter the means of communication, platform or channel, engaging with other people remains […]

Rainmaker Spotlight: Box’s Robin Daniels on amplifying thought leadership through customer and developer voices


Last week Box announced that GE’s 300,000 employees across 170 countries will be coming onboard its collaboration platform. This award is the most recent example of how Box has earned the trust of enterprise IT and is arguably the envy of many aspiring cloud providers. We ask Robin Daniels, Head of Enterprise Product and Industry […]

Content marketing vs interactive advertising – two sides of the same coin?


We have been thinking about content marketing, and who should ‘own’ it, and felt it might be helpful to consider content marketing and interactive advertising side by side. Are they the same?  If not, what exactly are the differences between them, and what do they have in common? Some basic definitions and similarities The Content Marketing Institute defines […]