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The CMO as an orchestra conductor

CMO as orchestra conductor

Orchestral conductors seldom play an instrument in the orchestra that they are conducting. There are a few rare cases—Daniel Barenboim conducting from the piano springs to mind—but by and large, they are the exception. That doesn’t mean that conductors are unable to play an instrument well. Most, if not all, conductors are very competent instrumentalists […]

What flight safety demonstrations can teach us about digital engagement leadership


Customers’ preference to research before contacting prospective suppliers means it is helpful to have subject matter experts publish their views and be discoverable. Most subject matter experts are part of R&D, strategy, pre-sales or implementation consulting. Their often demanding primary roles means sharing views is an extra task. Energy and momentum from their supporting teams […]

Agility in internal communications

Agility in internal communications

Agility, in business terms, is the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to change. Agile companies achieve more than their competitors, growing around 30% more quickly on average, with higher profit margins. We have noted before that  employee agility is vital, and most CEOs today say that it is crucial. Changing ways of changing The […]

Making buyer personas work

Buyer Personas

We have discussed how to create buyer personas, and why you should do so. The benefits are so alluring that it sounds like a no-brainer. Who could argue with the idea of getting to know your customers better, and all the gains that implies? But a survey of 194 marketing and sales professionals last year […]

The art of creating buyer personas

Creating buyer personas

How well do you know your customer? Not the person who last bought your product, but your target customer. The current thinking is that you should know your target customer personally. How? By creating a persona for them, with a name, and full demographic details, together with their interests, and what they want from you. […]

Experience is the new brand


Mercedes-Benz has abandoned the idea of achieving customer satisfaction. That doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t think that customer experience is important, though. Far from it. Customer experience is so important that satisfaction is not enough. Instead, the company is looking to ensure that customers are delighted. Brands in the collaborative economy We already know […]